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African American Album 2 - Events Timeline

1974 - Bill Johnson Buys the Charlotte Post

1974 - Bill Johnson buys the Charlotte Post.

  • Bill Johnson graduated from Second Ward High School. 
  • After serving in the Armed Forces, he receives his journalism degree. 
  • Upon his return to Charlotte, he cannot find a job as a reporter and takes a job as a mail carrier. Later, he becomes the first black writer for the Charlotte Observer
  • Johnson buys the Charlotte Post and revives the dying newspaper.
  • Photo shows Bill Johnson talking with future governor Jim Martin.
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1973 - "Pop" Miller becomes principal of East Mecklenburg HS

1973 - Leroy "Pop" Miller becomes the first black principal at formerly all-white East Mecklenburg High School. He becomes as beloved at East Mecklenburg High School as he was at West Charlotte. In the photo, "Pop" Miller celebrates his birthday at a party in his honor on February 26, 1976 at East Mecklenburg High School

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1972 - Police Beat Student at East Mecklenburg

October 28, 1972 - Police beat student at East Mecklenburg.

Date of Event:
October 28, 1972

1972 - "Charlotte Three" Convicted

July 15, 1972 - The Charlotte Three are convicted of firebombing.

Date of Event:
July 15, 1972

1972 - Phil Berry is Elected to the School Board

June 3, 1972 - Phil Berry is the first black to be elected to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg school board.

  • A local banker, Berry will become board chair four years later. 
  • Earlier Rev. Colemon Kerry had been appointed to the board, but lost when he ran for a seat.
Date of Event:
June 3, 1972

1972 - Author Maya Angelou Speaks at Johnson C. Smith University

February 17, 1972 - Author Maya Angelou speaks at Johnson C. Smith University

Date of Event:
February 17, 1972

1971 - Hawkins Runs for Governor

December 12, 1971 - Charlotte dentist and Presbyterian minister Dr. Reginald Hawkins runs for Governor on the Democratic ballot. Four years earlier, he had become the first black to run for governor in North Carolina.

Date of Event:
December 12, 1971

1971 - Black Police Officers Sue the City of Charlotte

1971 - The North State Law Enforcement Association, a professional association for black police officers, sues the City of Charlotte.

  • They demand an increase in minority hiring and promotion. 
  • In 1974, local president Rudolph "Rudy" Torrence wins a consent agreement from the courts. 
  • Under this agreement, the city immediately promotes six blacks to the rank of sergeant and emphasizes minority hiring.
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1971 - Supreme Court upholds Judge McMillan

April 20, 1971 - The Supreme Court upholds Judge McMillan’s order in the Swann case. 

Date of Event:
April 20, 1971

1971 - Fire at Chambers Auto Repair Shop

January, 1971 - The auto repair shop of the father of civil rights attorney Julius Chambers is burned down.

  • This is the beginning of another wave of violence against civil rights attorney Julius Chambers. 
  • In 1965 and 1966, Julius Chambers' house and car had been bombed. 
  • Julius Chambers is the attorney for the Swann case, pushing for the desegregation of the school system.
Date of Event:
January 1, 1971