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African American Album 2 - Events Timeline

1969 - Vietnam War Protest at Johnson C. Smith University

October 16, 1969 - Vietnam War protest at Johnson C. Smith. Students at Johnson C. Smith University protest against the Vietnam War. Photo caption: During the war, a larger percentage of African Americans serve in combat than are in the general population.

Date of Event:
October 16, 1969

1969 - Conerned Parents Association

May 1969 - The Concerned Parents Association responds to the integration ruling.

  • The Concerned Parents Association, an all-white group, is formed in response to Judge McMillan’s order. 
  • More than twenty thousand parents sign petitions against the judge. 
  • Anti-busing protester - sign reads: "Congressman Jonas! Start Impeachment Proceedings against James B. McMillan."
Date of Event:
May, 1969

1960s - National Events

During this turbulent decade, Charlotte's African Americans are active participants in the battle for civil rights. Urban renewal begins in earnest with the demolition of Charlotte's Ward neighborhoods. Learn about the push for desegregation in Charlotte's hotels and restaurants, as well as other public facilities. The enforcement of court-ordered school desegregation and the impact of the Swann case are predominant news.


Date of Event:

1969 - Judge McMillan Orders School Board to Eliminate Segregated Schools

April 23, 1969 - Judge McMillan orders the Charlotte school board to eliminate segregated schools.

Date of Event:
April 23, 1969

1969 - Elmwood/Pinewwod Fence Removed

The fence dividing Elmwood Cemetery is taken down. The fence dividing Elmwood Cemetery into separate black and white sections is taken down. The only black city council member, Fred Alexander, leads the fight to bring down the fence that separates black and white people even in death. Four times, he brought the motion to a vote and four times it was defeated, 4 to 3. Finally, when an opposing council member misses a meeting, Alexander brings it up and the vote is tied. Mayor Stan Brookshire casts the vote to pass the measure.

Date of Event:
January 7, 1969

1968 - Swann Case Reopened

1968 - Swann Case is reopened.

Date of Event:

1968 - Jackie Harrison Graduates from Harding High

1968 - Jackie Harrison graduates from predominantly white Harding High School.

Date of Event:

1968 - Martin Luther King, Jr., is assassinated

April 4, 1968 - Martin Luther King, Jr. is assassinated in Memphis, Tennessee by James Earl Ray. Marchers demonstrate in downtown Charlotte after King's death.

Date of Event:
April 4, 1968

1968 - Johnson C. Smith protest the deaths of three students

Johnson C. Smith students protest the deaths of three students. Johnson C. Smith students burn an effigy of South Carolina's governor to protest the deaths of three students in Orangeburg, SC.

Date of Event:
February 16, 1968

1967 - Thurgood Marshall appointed to Supreme Court

August 30, 1967 - Marshall is appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court.

  • August 30, 1967 - Thurgood Marshall becomes the first African American appointed to the US Supreme Court. 
  • As an NAACP civil rights attorney, his victory in the Brown v. Topeka Board of Education had begun the desegregation of public schools.
  • In this photo, Marshall speaks in Charlotte and meets with local NAACP leaders, including Kelly Alexander, the students who were the 1957 desegregation pioneers in Charlotte, and their families.
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