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African American Album 2 - Events Timeline

1976 - African American Women of Charlotte Honored by UNC

December 14, 1976 - Charlotte's African American women are honored by UNC.

Date of Event:
December 14, 1976

1976 - UNC Charlotte Basketball Team

1976 - The UNC-Charlotte basketball team wins its first national recognition.

  • The team goes to its first post-season tournament at the National Invitational Tournament in New York City. 
  • Although the team loses in the last minutes of the finals to Kentucky, team leader Cedric "Cornbread" Maxwell is named Most Valuable Player. 
  • Photo shows Cedric "Cornbread" Maxwell receiving trophy.
Date of Event:

1975 - Gantt appointed to City Council

December 16, 1975 - Gantt is appointed to the city council to serve an unexpired term.

Date of Event:
December 16, 1975

1975 - Scattered-Site Housing Begins

1975 - Scattered-site housing begins.

  • The city council makes a policy decision to locate new public housing units throughout the city. 
  • While the purpose of this scattered-site housing policy is to prevent the growth of slums, it also helps desegregate residential areas. 
  • Charlotte is one of the first cities in America to use this policy.
Date of Event:

1975 - Swann Case Closed

July 11, 1975 - Judge McMillan closes the Swann case.

  • Seeing that integration has worked successfully for one year, Judge James B. McMillan closes the Swann case and turns the running of the school system over to the school board. 
  • The monumental legal effort to integrate the Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools comes to an end.
Date of Event:
July 11, 1975

1974 - Fred Alexander Elected to State Senate

November 5, 1974 - Charlottean Fred Alexander becomes the first of two blacks to serve in the North Carolina State Senate since Reconstruction. Photo shows Fred Alexander meeting with his constituents, A.A. and Jennie Cobb.

Date of Event:
November 5, 1974

1974 - "The City That Made Integration Work"

October 15, 1974 - Charlotte becomes "The City that Made Integration Work."

Date of Event:
October 15, 1974

1974 - School Board Approves Desegregation Plan

July 1974 - The school board approves desegregation plan.

Date of Event:
July, 1974

1974 - Gene S. Potts Day

January 26, 1974 - Mayor John Belk proclaims this day Gene S. Potts Day.

  • Once a principal at Billingsville Elementary school, Gene Potts becomes the region’s first black D.J. on WGIV. 
  • Known as "Genial Gene," his memorable way of talking in rhythmic rhymes makes him into a local celebrity. 
  • He is one of the Original 13, the first group of full-time black radio announcers in the South. 
  • Photo shows Gene Potts at home.
Date of Event:
January 26, 1974