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African American Album 2 - Events Timeline

1991 - Barnett Organizes"Stop the Killing" March

July 28, 1991 - Barnett organizes the Stop the Killing March.

  • About 400 people turn out for Rev. James Barnett’s anti-crime march. During this march, 400 black men sign up for citizen patrols.
  • These patrols intend to disrupt drug sales by videotaping drug buyers and revealing them.
  • In the late 1980s, Rev. James Barnett had founded the Stop the Killing crusade. The movement focuses on organizing within the black community.
Date of Event:
July 28, 1991

1991 - Bush and Bogues promote "Stay in School" program

June 5, 1991 - First Lady Barbara Bush and Muggsy Bogues promote the "Stay in School" program.

First Lady Barbara Bush and Charlotte Hornet Muggsy Bogues share a light moment during a visit to Piedmont Open Middle School during part of the NBA's "Stay in School" program.

Date of Event:
June 5, 1991

1991 - West Charlotte HS Featured in Wall Street Journal

May 6, 1991 - West Charlotte High School is featured in the Wall Street Journal.

  • West Charlotte High School is featured in the Wall Street Journal's report on successful integration. 
  • At this time, the U.S. Supreme Court begins to change its interpretation of the laws demanding integration. 
  • School districts are allowed to cut down on busing. As other cities scale back, Charlotte continues the effort. 
  • Michelle Brier and Nicole Quimet walk the halls of West Charlotte.
Date of Event:
May 6, 1991

1991 - Majeed Elected to City Council

1991 - Majeed is elected to the city council.

  • Nasif Majeed, a prominent Charlotte entrepreneur, lost the 1988 and the 1990 county commission elections to Bob Walton in the most bitterly-fought battles in the history of the African American community. 
  • While Majeed’s religion was an issue, Walton’s legal difficulties lost him many supporters. 
  • In 1991 Majeed decides to run for city council. 
  • Photo shows Majeed, left, at Belmont panel meeting with Fountain Odom, right.
Date of Event:

1991 - Stephanie Counts NC Principal of the Year

March 21, 1991 - Stephanie Counts is named North Carolina Principal of the Year.

  • Piedmont Junior High School Principal Stephanie Counts is named North Carolina Principal of the Year. 
  • Piedmont Junior High School had adopted a non-traditional style of teaching which attracted white students into the all-black neighborhood where the school is located. 
  • Stephanie Counts is the sister-in-law of Dorothy Counts, one of the first four students to enroll in Charlotte’s all-white schools in 1957.
Date of Event:
March 21, 1991

1991 - NWCCDC Founded

1991 - NWCCDC is founded to revitalize northwest Charlotte. 

Date of Event:

1990 - Tidwell Wachovia Regional VP

November 1990 - Isaiah Tidwell becomes Regional Vice-President of Wachovia.

  • One of the ablest leaders in Charlotte, Tidwell is a mover and a shaker in the business world.
  • He and his wife are also active in the arts and civic affairs.
  • His father was a laborer with a 3rd grade education. Tidwell attended West Charlotte High School and went on to receive his MBA.
  • Tidwell grew up in this modest house in West Charlotte.
Date of Event:
November, 1990

1990 - Gantt Runs for U.S. Senate

November 1990 - Gantt runs for the U. S. Senate.

  • Harvey Gantt runs for the US Senate and is defeated by Republican incumbent Senator Jesse Helms. 
  • During a campaign stop, Harvey Gantt meets Meri Ruth Alexander, who records the event with a camcorder.
Date of Event:
November, 1990

1990 - 15-Year-Old Dies from Gunshot Wound

August 24, 1990 - 15-year-old Marcus Grier, Jr. dies from a gunshot wound.

  • Following a high school football game, Grier gets caught in the crossfire of a shoot-out.
  • This shooting of a black student awakens public concern with the increasing violence within the black community.
  • Photo shows investigators searching the site of the shooting.
  • Additional photo shows the funeral of Marcus Grier, Jr.
Date of Event:

1990s - National and International Events

February 11, 1990 - Human rights activist Nelson Mandela is released from prison by South African president F.W. deKlerk after 27 years.

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