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African American Album 2 - Events Timeline

1989 - Hattie Leeper Inducted into Black Radio Hall of Fame

December 6, 1989 - Hattie Leeper is inducted into the Black Radio Hall of Fame.
  • As "Chatty Hattie" on radio station WGIV, she was one of the few black women to find a spot in broadcasting in the 1950s and 1960s. 
  • Photo shows Hattie Leeper at Gaston College where she is a professor. 
  • Additional photo shows "Chatty Hattie" on the air.
Date of Event:
December 6, 1989

1989 - Hurricane Hugo Hits Charlotte

September 1989 - Hurricane Hugo hits Charlotte.

Tillman Baldwin helps clean up Johnson C. Smith University campus after the hurricane.

Date of Event:
September, 1989

1989 - Bynum organizes SAVE

1989 - Bynum organizes SAVE - Students Against Violence Everywhere.

After Alex Orange from West Charlotte is killed when he tries to break up an off-campus fight, his friend Angie Bynum organizes SAVE. It soon becomes a national organization.

Date of Event:

1989 - Mosaic of Bearden Mural Hung in Library

1989 - Mosaic of Bearden mural is hung in Library.

  • Romare Bearden planned to create an original work of art for the new Main Library, but died of a stroke in March 1988. 
  • The Library is allowed to use "Before Dawn," a mural that shows images of his childhood in Charlotte, as a mosaic reproduction. 
  • At the time of his death, Bearden was recognized as one of the foremost artists of the century.
  • Photo shows a mosaic of Bearden’s "Before Dawn" in the Main Library of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library.
Date of Event:

1990s - National Events

  • February 11, 1990 - Human rights activist Nelson Mandela is released from prison by South African president F.W. deKlerk after 27 years.
  • October 1990 - President Bush vetoes the Civil Rights Act.
  • January 17, 1991 - Operation Desert Storm begins. Saddam Hussein, Iraqi leader, refuses to remove his troops from Kuwait and comes under air attack by the United States and its allies in Operation Desert Storm. After a ground attack, Kuwait is freed.
Date of Event:

1988 - World Conference of AME Zion Church

August 1, 1988 - The World Conference of the AME Zion Church is held in Charlotte.

The procession of bishops enters the Charlotte Convention Center as more than 4000 people from around the globe gather for the World Conference of the AME Zion Church.

Date of Event:
August 1, 1988

1988 - Emory Elected Chairman of Planning Commission

July 29, 1988 - Emory is elected Chairman of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Planning Commission. Attorney Frank Emory becomes the first African American Chairman of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Planning Commission.

Date of Event:
July 29, 1988

1988 - Scarborough Speaks at Black History Month Program

February 10, 1988 - Scarborough speaks at a Black History Month program.

  • Long-standing city council member Ella Scarborough speaks to students at a Black History Month program. 
  • The idea of a black history week was first raised by Carter G. Woodson and others in 1926. Fifty years later, Black History Month is established. By 1988 it is already widely observed.
Date of Event:
February 10, 1988

1988 - Kathleen "Kat" Crosby Retires

January 1, 1988 - Kathleen "Kat" Crosby retires.

  • Kathleen "Kat" Crosby retires after 40 years in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg school system as a teacher, principal, and administrator.
  • In the early years of integration, her school, Billingsville Elementary, became an important symbol of successful integration. She later became a school system area superintendent.
Date of Event:
January 1, 1988

1987 - Gantt and Leeper Defeated

November 4, 1987 - Gantt and Leeper are defeated.

Date of Event:
November 4, 1987