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African American Album 2 - Events Timeline

1987 - Busing Debate Reemerges

October 30, 1987 - The busing debate reemerges.

Date of Event:
October 30, 1987

First Kwanzaa Celebration

December 1986 - The first annual Kwanzaa celebration is held.

Date of Event:
December, 1986

1986 - Walton Reelected to County Commission

1986 - Walton is reelected to the County Commission.

Date of Event:

1986 - Opening of Afro-American Cultural Center

The Little Rock AME Zion Church, one of the few churches to survive urban renewal, is turned into the Afro-American Cultural Center. Photo shows an exhibit at the Center. 

Date of Event:
March 15, 1986

1985 - Project Catalyst Formed

Late 1985 - Project Catalyst is formed.

Date of Event:

1985 - The Color Purple Shot in Marshville

1985 - The Color Purple is shot in nearby Marshville.

  • Charlotte musicians Johnny Holloway (pictured) and Maria Howell appear in the Steven Spielberg film.
  • Additional photo shows Spielberg at work.
Date of Event:

Kelly Alexander, Sr., Honored By the NAACP

August 18, 1984 - Kelly Alexander, Sr. is honored by the NAACP.

  • Chairman of the Board of Directors of the NAACP, Kelly Alexander, Sr., is honored by the organization. 
  • He is one of the nation’s foremost civil rights leaders. Alexander dies not long after this honor. 
  • Photo shows Alexander shaking hands with Governor Jim Hunt. Standing on the far right is Benjamin Hooks from the NAACP. Standing to Alexander's left is his wife, Margaret.
Date of Event:
August 18, 1984

1984 - Julius Chambers Gets Key to the City

August 12, 1984 - Chambers gets the key to the city.

Date of Event:
August 12, 1984

1984 - Anita Stroud Dies

May 11, 1984 - Anita Stroud dies.

  • "She spent her life and all her resources to instill values and joy and build dreams of rich lives in the poverty-scarred spirits of the very young. Even though she was childless, armies counted themselves as 'her children' -- three generations over more than forty years." --Kays Gary, Charlotte Observer
  • Anita Stroud worked in the Double Oaks and Fairview Homes public housing areas organizing activities and caring for the children. The Anita Stroud Foundation continues her work.
Date of Event:
May 11, 1984

1983 - Gantt Elected Mayor

November 8, 1983 - Gantt is elected mayor.

  • Harvey Gantt becomes Charlotte’s first black mayor.
  • He wins with a coalition of black and white votes.
  • Gantt had been a city council member and was the first black student at Clemson College.
  • Photo shows Gantt celebrating his victory with supporters.
Date of Event:
November 8, 1983