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Chapter 8 - County Home Register

Pages from County Home Register
Mecklenburg County Poor House and County Home

When John Miller, Jr., came to the Robinson-Spangler Carolina Room in 1996 to give an interview, he also donated the Register in which the name, age, sex, and race of each person entering the County Home from 1902 to 1941 had been written down by hand. In some years, the ledger pages also contain information about the physical conditions of the persons admitted as well as notes about burial for those who have died. 

The photograph above shows two pages. On the left are the records of 42 persons who entered the Home between June 13 and December 26 of 1934. The page on the right is a separate sheet of deaths at the home from October 12, 1934 to May 22, 1935. The names in the register have not yet been made available for searching or browsing on this website. Anyone with a question about a person who was or might have been a resident of the County Home during these years may contact a the Carolina Room to request a search. 

The parts of the Register filled out by Mr. Miller's father, John Sr., are much more consistent and detailed than those from before 1933, the year he took over as Superintendent. Nevertheless, it is still possible to draw a statistical portrait of the County Home from the entries in the Register.

Total Number of Residents by Year

Admissions, Deaths, and Discharges by Year

Residents and Admissions by Race

Residents and Admissions by Sex

Average Age