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African American Album Volume 2

1996 - "Second City" by Theatre Charlotte

March 1996 - Theater Charlotte presents “The Second City”.

  • Researched and written by Ruth Sloan, this play brings to life the 100-year evolution and survival of Charlotte’s black neighborhood of Brooklyn. 
  • Photo shows the troupe in front of the theater. From left to right: Ruth Sloan, Denise Joseph, John Minter, Elisha Minter, Dee Thompson, Daniel Watts, Nick Johnson, Chandler Parker, Frank Parker, Barbara House Meadows (director), Drena Howard, and Aisha Dew.
Date of Event:
March, 1996

1995 - West Charlotte Wins State Championship

December 9, 1995 - West Charlotte High School wins the state football championship.

Date of Event:
December 9, 1995

1995 - Million Man March

October 16, 1995 - The Million Man March takes place in Washington, D.C. Over 400,000 people gather in Washington D.C. to march.

Date of Event:
October 16, 1995

1994 - Rev. Cameron reclaims Genesis Park

July 18, 1994 - Rev. Cameron and activists reclaim Genesis Park. 

Date of Event:

1994 - Greenville CYO Marching Band

June 4, 1994 - The Greenville C.Y.O. Marching Band wins the Myrtle Beach Award. 

Date of Event:
June 4, 1994

1994 - George Butler Receives Honorary Degree

May 15, 1994 - UNC Charlotte awards Butler an honorary degree.

  • West Charlotte graduate George Butler is given this degree after winning 18 Grammies. 
  • The senior vice president and executive producer for Columbia Records, Butler had already earned an M.A. from Yale and a Ph.D. from Columbia University. 
  • He is thought to be one of the most powerful forces in jazz music in this era.
Date of Event:
May 15, 1994

1993 - "Light for Justice" candlelight vigil

June 28, 1993 - "Light for Justice" candlelight vigil held at Marshall Park.
  • A number of Charlotte's anti-crime organizations come together with politicians, police officials, ministers, and residents to hold a "Light for Justice" candlelight vigil at Marshall Park. 
  • Gabriel Morgan, 12, holds a candle and a photograph of his murdered brother, Thomas. Thomas was stabbed to death at age 13.
Date of Event:
June 28, 1993

Hornets Make NBA Playoffs

May 1993 - The Charlotte Hornets make it to the NBA playoffs. 

  • Muggsy Bogues dribbles past Patrick Ewing. Bogues is the shortest player in the NBA.
  • Additional photo shows parade for the Hornets
Date of Event:
May, 1993

1993 - Dee Sumpter Founds Mothers of Murdered Offspring

March 1993 - Dee Sumpter founds Mothers of Murdered Offspring. 

Date of Event:
March, 1993