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1993 - Dee Sumpter Founds Mothers of Murdered Offspring

Dee Sumpter, founder of Mothers of Murdered Offspring
Event Date: 
March, 1993
Event Type: 
90s Charlotte 1990-1999

March 1993 - Dee Sumpter founds Mothers of Murdered Offspring. 

  • On February 19, Sumpter’s daughter, Shawna Hawk, became one of the many victims of Charlotte’s serial killer Henry Wallace. Shawna is survived by three brothers. 
  • A month later, Dee Sumpter creates MOM-O to give a support network to families who have lost children to violence. 
  • The group now has chapters in other parts of the country. 
  • The license plate on Dee Sumpter’s gray Volvo reads, “SHAWNA,” a tribute to her murdered daughter. 
  • Photo shows Dee Sumpter sitting in her daughter's room.