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African American Album Volume 2

1993 - Elder award MLK Medallion

January 18, 1993 - Thereasea Elder is awarded the Martin Luther King Jr. Medallion (award).

  • Thereasea Elder is a nurse and long-time community activist.
  • She set up sickle cell testing for neighborhood residents and worked with breast cancer victims.
  • She also founded the African American Historical Society of Charlotte-Mecklenburg.
  • Photo shows Thereasea Elder getting a congratulatory hug.
Date of Event:
January 18, 1993

1992 - Jackie Barnett Elected Sheriff in Atlanta

November 3, 1992 - Jackie Harrison Barrett becomes the first African American woman to be elected sheriff.

  • In Atlanta’s Fulton County, Charlotte’s Jackie Harrison Barrett becomes the first African American woman elected to the office of sheriff in US history.
  • She receives national media attention while in office during the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta.
Date of Event:
November 3, 1992

1992 - African Americans Elected from NC

November 3, 1992 - Watt and Clayton are elected to Congress.

  • Charlotte’s Mel Watt is elected to the United States House of Representatives.
  • He and Eva Clayton of Warrenton become the first blacks elected to Congress from North Carolina since Reconstruction.
  • Earlier in his career, attorney Mel Watt had organized Harvey Gantt’s campaigns and served in the North Carolina state legislature.
Date of Event:
November 3, 1992

1992 - Panthers Join the NFL

September 6, 1992 - The Carolina Panthers become Charlotte’s football team.

  • Photo shows Bill Simms, head of TransAmerica Reinsurance, who is part owner of the NFL team.
  • Additional photo shows fireworks bursting above the NationsBank tower moments after the announcement that the Panthers were now part of the NFL.
Date of Event:
September 6, 1992

1992 - Community Policing

May 13, 1992 - Community policing is established in Charlotte.

  • Community policing differs from regular police enforcement. The goal of the officers is to work together with residents to solve problems.
  • This move is part of a national movement to change policing. The Charlotte Police Department initiates this effort with the cooperation of Charlotte’s residents.
  • Photo shows Officer A. L. Threatt and partner John Hefner on Allen St. in the Belmont neighborhood.
Date of Event:
May 13, 1992

1992 - Magnet Schools

March 31, 1992 - Charlotte-Mecklenburg school board votes unanimously to open a series of magnet schools.

  • For 22 years, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg school system had used mandatory busing to desegregate the schools.
  • In addition to busing, the school system now sets up magnet schools. These schools, set up mostly in black neighborhoods in central or west Charlotte, offer resources that attract students and desegregate the schools by choice.
  • Photo shows yellow school buses at West Charlotte High School
Date of Event:
March 31, 1992

1992 - Publication of An African American Album

March 15, 1992 - An African American Album is presented to the public.

Date of Event:
March 15, 1992

1992 - Shotgun Houses Moved

January 14, 1992 - Shotgun houses are moved to the Afro-American Cultural Center.

  • These houses were typical homes within the African American community in the earlier part of the century. People continued to live in them until urban renewal.
  • This exhibit is part of the continued effort to document and celebrate black history.
Date of Event:
January 14, 1992

1992 - John Kee, "We Walk By Faith"

1992 - John Kee’s "We Walk by Faith" spends 21 weeks on Billboard’s gospel charts.

  • Charlottean John Kee’s 1992 recording “We Walk by Faith,” recorded with the New Life Community Choir, spent 21 weeks at number one on the Billboard gospel chart and sold over 150,000 copies.
  • His 1996 recording “Show Up!” was nominated for a Grammy Award.
Date of Event:

1991 - Jodeci Goes Platinum

1991 - Jodeci goes platinum.

Date of Event: