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African American Album Volume 2

1944 - Brevard Street Library

Rameses Temple members pose in front of the Brevard Street Library - July 28, 1944. Opened in 1905, the Brevard Street Library was the first to serve North Carolina's black community. The library was located in Charlotte's Second Ward neighborhood.

Date of Event:
July 28, 1944

1942 - Rationing

Rationing sets limits on how much sugar, meat, and other everyday goods Americans are allowed to buy during times of war.

Date of Event:

1941 - Pearl Harbor

After the attack on Pearl Harbor, the United States mobilized for war. Charlotte's African American community joined in.

  • Carl F. Neal and friend Fred Hayes of Charlotte are stationed in Dallas, Texas when they pose together for this photograph.         
  • Charlotte's Doris Parks, second from left, and friends at Lockbourne Air base, 1944.           
  • Dorothy Neal poses in a WAC uniform.
Date of Event:
December 7, 1941

African American Album Volume 2

An African American Album: The Black Experience in Charlotte and Mecklenburg County was first published as a book of photographs in 1992. It documented the community's history up to 1950. 

In 1998 a second volume came out in the form of a CD-ROM. It took the story up to the late 1990s. This exhibit displays the pictures and text from that work under four headings: