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African American Album Volume 2

Friendship Baptist Church

Friendship Baptist Church, on S. Brevard St. in Second Ward, was demolished as part of urban renewal. In October 1963, the congregration left the original site and held worship services at Northwest Junior High School. They raised the funds for the new church through tithes and offerings. 

Church members bought the 3.8 acres for the present site at 3301 Beatties Ford Rd.

Home and Work

: When that picture ("Mr. Spears' retirement dinner") was taken, I had been back to school. I went to the University of Illinois. I got my Master’s degree and I came back to Charlotte and I taught one year at Johnson C. Smith University, and then went back to New York University and studied Retailing and Distribution and School Administration. I came back and became coordinator of Distributive Education at West Charlotte High School.

My War Experiences

My War Experiences:


GersonAfter I left here, I went back to Fort Huachuca, Arizona. I was with the 92nd Infantry Division, Cannon Company, 365th Infantry. We went to Virginia to catch a boat to go to Italy. All of the 92nd went to Italy.

A. E. Spears and John

A.E. Spears and John

Gerson: Mr. Spears was the District Manager of North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Company, and his office was in the MIC building on Brevard Street. I would go to that office every Thursday when I got my newspapers. You saw the picture of my carrying and selling the Afro-American newspaper. From time to time Mr. Spears and I just had little chats, not realizing what the future may bring.

A. E. Spears

Arthur Eugene ("A.E.") Spears (1885-1981) was an insurance agent in Charlotte. His daughter, Daisy Spears Stroud spoke about him:

My father, A. E. Spears.

Well, my father was a salesman par excellence I guess you’d call it. He could really sell. His place of employment was North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Company that was located in Durham, North Carolina.