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Universities and Colleges North Carolina

Johnson C. Smith University

Once known as Biddle University, Johnson C. Smith University is Charlotte's only historic black colleges. The CatawbaPresbytery gathered after the Civil War and raised the funds for a school to educate the newly freed men.  It opened its doors in 1867 as Biddle Memorial Institute then later changed its name to Biddle University in 1876. In 1922, Jane Berry Smith, of Pittsburgh, Pa., gave funds to build a theological dormitory, science hall, teachers' cottage and memorial gate.

Johnson C. Smith University Staff

Staff party at Johnson C. Smith University. Martha McKinney, Mabel Rhode, Elsie Woodward, Fannie Hargraves. Physical Description: Publisher: Unknown

Johnson C. Smith University's Sixty-Fifth Anniversary

The celebration of the sixty-fifth anniversary of the founding of JCSU and the twenty-fifth anniversary of Dr. H. L. McCrorey, President on April 7, 1932. Physical Description: Panorma shot. Print stored in oversize box. Publisher: Unknown

Zoel Hargrave

Zoel Hargrave on the occasion of his 50th college reunion. Johnson C. Smith University, class of 1910.From left to right: Mr. Downing (first name unknown), Mr. Beatty (first name unknown), Zoel Hargrave, Mr. Logan (first name unknown), Mr. Adams (first name unknown). Physical Description: Panoramic image. Publisher: Unknown

Queens College

Queens College is located on Selwyn Avenue. Founded in 1912, it was traditionally as school for young women before becoming co-ed in the 1970s. Physical Description: 3x5 Publisher: Unknown

Queens College

Founded in 1912, Queens College, now University, is located on Selwyn Avenue. Physical Description: 3x5 Publisher: Unknown