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Universities and Colleges North Carolina

Elizabeth College Students

Caption reads, Phi Psi Sister Taken in an Elizabeth College Dormitory.

Physical Description: Original in scrapbook


Elizabeth College

Outdoor sceen of Elizabeth College with young ladies on the campus. Same as H.1999.01.082.19, but much clearer.
Elizabeth College was an all girl's school located at the intersection of Elizabeth Avenue and Hawthorne Lane.

Physical Description: 8x 10 black and white


College Apartments

College After Presbyterian College changed its name to Queens College and moved to a new facility in Myers Park, the building on North Street was converted into the College Apartments.

Physical Description: 8 x 10 black and white


Presbyterian College (Charlotte)

Presbyterian College was the precursor to Queens College. This building was located on the corner of College and Ninth Streets. When the school changed its name to Queens, the school moved to Selwyn Avenue the Myers Park area.

Physical Description: 8 x 10 glossy


Aerial View of Queens University

Queens University is a co-educational school located on Selwyn Avenue. It was founded in 1912 as Queens College only for young women. Physical Description: Negative only Publisher:

Elizabeth College (Buildings and Grounds)

Four scenes of Elizabeth College, a private womans school at the intersection of Elizabeth and Hawthorne. They include the Main Building, which is now the Presbyterian Hospital: the Gerrard Conservatory of Music, the Main Gate and a view of the campus. Physical Description: 3 x 5 postcard Publisher: Stone and Barringer