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Daisy Wallace Johnson (1886-1924)

Daisy Wallace Johnson (grandmother of Alice H. Kibler). Mrs. Johnson was a resident of the Cherry Neighborhood in Charlotte. Physical Description: Publisher: Unknown

Brevard Henry Haynes (1908-1980)

Brevard Henry Haynes, the brother of Alice H.Kibler, as a teenager. They grew up in Mallard Creek Township. By 1930, Henry lived in Charlotte and worked as a waiter. Physical Description: Publisher: Unknown

Virginia, Floyd, and Evelyn Wallace

Left to right: Virginia Wallace Keogh (1935-1995), Floyd Wallace, Jr., and Evelyn Wallace Byrd. Physical Description: 5x7 Publisher: Unknown

Brevard Henry Haynes

Brevard Henry Haynes (1908-1980), brother of Alice H. Kibler, as a teenager. Physical Description: Publisher: Unknown

Mary Grace Johnson and Brevard Henry Haynes

Mary Grace Johnson Haynes and Brevard Henry Haynes (Mr. And Mrs.). Mary Grace Johnson Haynes was CHARLOTTE POST Mother of the Year in 1989. Physical Description: Publisher: Unknown

Joseph Richmond Johnson (1894-1962)

Joseph Richmond Johnson, uncle of Alice H. Kibler. Joseph was a Charlotte native, and was a composer and violinist. Physical Description: Publisher: Unknown

Good Samaritan Hospital Auxilary

Good Samaritan Hospital Auxiliary. First row, left to right: Careatha Lovell, Floretta D. Gunn, Gertrude Blackmon, Emily Nixon, Lavonne B. Tillman, Alice Anderson, Cora T. Boaton, Bobbie P. Alexander. Second row, left to right: Mildred Brodie Alridge, Dorothy Atkins, Edna Morris, Helen P. Moreland, Fannie Parter, Frances D. Woodson, Dorothy F. Steele, Euniceteen Adam, Sallie Phelps, Maurvene D. Alexander. Physical Description: Publisher: Unknown

Joseph Richard Johnson

Joseph R. Johnson (left) and a fraternity brother of Phi Beta Sigma during undergraduate studies at Howard University. Physical Description: Publisher: Unknown

Anna Mason Douglas

Anna Mason Stroud Douglas, wife of the Reverend William R. Douglas, pastor of the A.M.E. Zion Methodist Church. He oversaw the construction of the 1911 church on 7th Street. The couple resided at 410 North Myrers Street in 1912. The couple moved to Knoxville, Tennessee, but after his death Anna Douglas returned to Charlotte with her family.