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Celia Richardson

Celia Richardson, wife of Samuel. She was a seamstress and designer of gorgeous gowns. Physical Description: 5x7 Publisher: Unknown

Jackson Couple

Minnie Lenora Richardson Jackson (1882-1964) and her husband, Oscar Jackson  (1878-1961) Minnie Jackson was the daughter of Samuel and Celia Richardson. Physical Description: Publisher: Unknown

Zoel Hargrave

Zoel Hargrave on the occasion of his 50th college reunion. Johnson C. Smith University, class of 1910.From left to right: Mr. Downing (first name unknown), Mr. Beatty (first name unknown), Zoel Hargrave, Mr. Logan (first name unknown), Mr. Adams (first name unknown). Physical Description: Panoramic image. Publisher: Unknown

Jackson Family

Left to right: Minnie Jackson (McKee), Minnie Jackson, Oscar Jackson, and Cecelia Jackson (Wilson). Physical Description: 5x7 Enlarged version is framed for exhibit. Publisher: Unknown

Unidentified Man

An unidentified man standing. Physical Description: Publisher: Unknown

Oscar Jackson (1877-1961)

Tribute to Mr. Oscar Jackson from John M. Scott (1866-1945), chairman of the Board for Wachovia. Physical Description: Publisher: Unknown

Oscar Jackson Certificate

Grand Master's Certificate of Appointment to Mr. Oscar Jackson. Physical Description: Publisher: Unknown