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Excelsior Club

This band broadcasted from the Excelsior Club every Sunday night. Physical Description: Publisher: Unknown

Tate Sons

Front: Talmadge Tate, William Tate: Standing: Edwin Tate, Thaddeus Tate, Jr., and Guion Tate. Occasion: after mother's funeral in 1928. Physical Description: Publisher: Unknown

Evelyn and Virginia Wallace

Evelyn Wallace Byrd and Virginia Wallace Keogh in 1950. Greenville neighborhood, Horne Drive. Physical Description: Publisher: Unknown

Tate Family

From left to right: Thad Tate, Sr., Maggie Tate Trent (1887-1934), Thaddeus Tate, Jr. (1893-), Estelle Tate Tyson (1891-1938), Dewitt Talmadge Tate (1896-1935), Cora Tate Booton (1892-1979), William Tate (1901-), Mildred Tate Pettis (1898-1983), Edward S. Tate (1903-1969), Aurelia (Midge) Tate Henderson (1900-1997), Don Guion Tate (1908-1982) attending the funeral of their mother Mary L. Butler Tate in July of 1928.

Physical Description:

Publisher: Unknown

Thaddeus Lincoln Tate (1865-1951)

Artist's sketch of Thad L. Tate who was one of Charlotte's earliest and most prominent African American businessmen. He came to Charlotte as a barber. In 1882, he opened his own shop, an enterprise that he would operate for 61 years.
In addition to a his own business Tate was prominent in banking in Charlotte. He served as director of the Mechanics' Perpetual Building and Loan Company. He founded the Mecklenburg Investment Company.

Friday Evening Social Club

This photograph of the Friday Evening Social Club was taken about 1907. The members were schoolteachers at the Myers Street School.



Hargrave Family Portrait

Hargrave family portrait shows Zoel Hargrave, Sr., and six children. Seated: Carrie Lucille Hargrave, Zoel Hargrave, Sr. and Fannie Rosalie Hargrave. Standing are Zoel Hargrave, Jr., Edward Hargrave, Vivian Hargrave, and James Hargrave.

Physical Description: Publisher: Unknown