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The Square

View of the Square in uptown Charlotte Charlotte businesses and street near the Square including Garibaldi and Bruns Jewelers and the Independence  Building on pedistrians on the sidewalk make this one of the most vibrant images from this period. Physical Description: 8 x 10 black and white with 4 x 5 negative Publisher:

Ratcliffe Florist (1940)

The Ratcliffe Florist at 431 South Tryon Street began operations in 1929 when Louis Ratcliffe started the business.  This wonderful example of Mediterranean Revival style was designed by William H. Peeps (1868-1950). Physical Description: negatives only Publisher:

Tryon Street (South)

View of South Tryon Street looking North  from the 200 Block with the Piedmont Fire Insurance Building on the left. (Features three arches.)

Physical Description: 5 x 7


First National Bank aka Liberty Life Building

Located att 112 South Tryon Street, the above building was originally known as the First National Bank in 1927, the name changed in 1940 when Liberty Life Insurance Company of Greenville, South Carolina purchased the property. Physical Description: 3 x 5 postcard Publisher: Dixie News

Elizabeth College (Buildings and Grounds)

Four scenes of Elizabeth College, a private womans school at the intersection of Elizabeth and Hawthorne. They include the Main Building, which is now the Presbyterian Hospital: the Gerrard Conservatory of Music, the Main Gate and a view of the campus. Physical Description: 3 x 5 postcard Publisher: Stone and Barringer

South Tryon Street 200 Block

From left to right the buildings are The Piedmont Fire Insurance Building, the Trust Building, the Charlotte Consolidated Construction, the first Y.M.C.A. and the Carson Building. Physical Description: 3 x 5 postcard Publisher: Stone and Barringer

Charlotte Mecklenburg Library (1956)

The second Charlotte Public Library opened its doors in 1956. Like the first library, it was located at 310 North Tryon Street. This building was replaced in 1988 with a modern facility on the same site. Physical Description: 3 x 5 postcard Publisher: Dexter Press