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First Street (West)

Businesses along West First Street between Church and Mint Streets. Physical Description: 8x10 Publisher: Unknown

Seventh Street

Looking west down East Seventh Street past the intersection of Pecan Avenue. Stanley's Drug Store maintained a store on or near this location until 1998. Physical Description: 8x10 Publisher: Unknown

Parking Lot

A parking lot at the southeast corner of Third and Tryon Streets where the First Union National Bank was built. Physical Description: 8x10 Publisher: Unknown

Loose-Wiles Biscuit Company

The Loose-Wiles Biscuit Company Offices in the Old Merchandising Row on 212 West First Street. It opened in 1915 under George L. Sibley. He was later President of the Union National Bank and the first chairman of the Charlotte Planning Commission. Physical Description: 8x10 Publisher: Unknown

Addison Building

The Addison Building at 222 South Church Street when it was a Parking Garage. The building later housed the offices of the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce. Physical Description: 8x10 Publisher: Unknown

Efird's Department Store

The Efird's Department Store was located at 124-30 North Tryon Street. When it was completed in 1923, it was `The only store south of Philadelphia with escalators.` Louis Asbury was the architect and J.A. Jones was the contractor. Physical Description: 8x10 Publisher: Unknown

Jefferson Apartments

The Jefferson Apartments were located at 405 North Church Street. It first appears in the 1923/24 Charlotte City Directory. Physical Description: 8x10 glossy Publisher: Unknown

Charlotte Observer Composing Room

Interior shot of the Charlotte Observer's composing room. The newspaper office was located in the 100 block of South Church Street. Physical Description: 8x10 - badly torn - reproduction questionable Publisher: Unknown

Selwyn Hotel

The Selwyn Hotel was located on West Trade Street. The Realty Building or Independence Building can be seen in the background. Trolley tracks are clearly visible.

Physical Description: 8x10 from a postcard not the best copy for duplication.

Publisher: Unknown

Mountain Island Power Plant

Interior shot of the Mountain Island Power Plant at Mountain Island Dam on the Catawba River, which was approximately twelve miles from Charlotte. Physical Description: 8x10 Publisher: Unknown