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Hornet's Nest

Grocery Store

The Francis Marion Hoover store was located on the corner of North College and  East 5th Streets.  Francis Hoover is the man wearing the derby. The family lived upstairs. The building was torn down for the Belk expansion. This photograph was taken around 1900.

Physical Description: 8x10 glossy4x5 negatives - 2 copies Publisher: Unknown

Steam Fire Engine

Steam Fire Engine belonging to Charlotte Fire Department

Physical Description: 8x10 glossy4x5 negative

Publisher: Unknown

Wallace or Wallis House

The Wallis or Wallace house was built around 1756. It was located on Albemarle Road, the house collapsed during an attempt to move the house to another site in the 1960s.

Physical Description: 8x10, black and white

Publisher: Unknown

Aerial View of Charlotte from Tompkins Tower

View of Charlotte from the Daniel Augustus Tompkins Tower. He was a textile magnate and owner of the Charlotte Observer.

Physical Description: Panorama 4x5 negative - 2 copies

Publisher: Unknown

Tryon Street (North)

Tryon Street as it appeared at the turn of the century. This scene is looking north down Tryon with Charlotte's City Hall, the tall domed building, on the right.

Physical Description: 8x10 glossy4x5 negatives - 4 copies

Publisher: Unknown

Square, The

Northwest corner of the Square. (Intersection of Trade & Tryon Streets.)

Physical Description: 8x104x5 negative - 3 copies

Publisher: Unknown

Brown & Weddington Hardware Store

The Brown and Weddington Hardware Store was located on Trade Street between College and Tryon Streets. It firsts appears in the Charlotte City Directory in 1884.

Physical Description: 8x10 glossy4x5 negatives - 2 copies

Publisher: Unknown

Independence Square

The northwest corner of the Square, the intersection of Trade and Tryon Streets, was once known as Old Osborne Corner. It was named for a Mary A. Osborne, widow of Marshall Osborne, who owned a large amount of property in the uptown area.

Physical Description: 8x10 4x5 negatives - 5 copies

Publisher: Unknown

Fourth Mecklenburg County Courthouse

The Fourth Mecklenburg County Courthouse stood on the site of Liberty Hall on the southeast corner of Tryon and Third Streets.

Physical Description: 8x104x5 negatives - 5 copies

Publisher: Unknown