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Home Front: Places

Shell Plant

The U. S. Rubber Company, locally called the “Shell Plant,” was located 10 miles south of Charlotte on York Road in the Steele Creek area of Mecklenburg County. The land is now part of Charlotte and is located near the southeast corner of the intersection of Westinghouse Boulevard and South Tryon, also known as Highway 49. The purpose of the plant was to build ammunition for the war effort.

The Charlotte Quartermaster Depot

The Charlotte Quartermaster Depot was activated on May 16, 1941, when three Army officers and 32 civilians, under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Clare W. Woodward, set up an office in the south wing of the old Ford Motor Company assembly plant on Statesville Avenue just outside of what was then the city limits. Lt. Colonel Woodward had received orders to quickly move from Atlanta to Charlotte. He picked several of his staff and some enlisted men to move with him.