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Highland Park Mill: People on the Hill

Lois Moore Yandle

Lois Moore Yandle as a baby in her mother's arms. From left-to-right: Essie Christenbury, Madeline Moore (Lois's mother), Lois, Mae Suddreth and Bessie Christenbury. Notice the vegetable garden in the background. Most workers in the mill grew vegetables and canned these goods for the winter.



Charlotte Tech High

The city leaders worked with the owners of the Louise and the Chadwick Hoskins Mills to create a vocational school to provide day and evening classes in woodworking, home economics, bookkeeping and other practical subjects. Located on Louise Avenue, the school opened its doors in 1922. By 1927, the school changed its name to Charlotte Technical High School; however, the school was always known as "Tech High." The school had closed by 1954.

Luther Brackett

Luther Brackett began working at the Highland Mill Park #3 in 1934. He started as a trainee, but eventually became the General Manager of the mill until it closed in 1969. Brackett accepted, on behalf of the Highland Park baseball team, a trophy for placing second in the 1941 National Amateur World Series in Battle Creek, Michigan.



View of Highland Mill 1916

This 1916 photograph of the workers in the Carding Room at Highland Park reveals the diversity of the workers. Men, women, and children worked side by side.

Photograph courtesy of Mary Boyer