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Charlotte Tech High

The city leaders worked with the owners of the Louise and the Chadwick Hoskins Mills to create a vocational school to provide day and evening classes in woodworking, home economics, bookkeeping and other practical subjects. Located on Louise Avenue, the school opened its doors in 1922. By 1927, the school changed its name to Charlotte Technical High School; however, the school was always known as "Tech High." The school had closed by 1954.

The teachers at Tech High stand in front of the school for this 1926 photograph. First Row: Mabel Underwood, Mary Sossoman, Lottie Ona Barkley, Aubin Wert, Thelma Ashworth. Second Row: Helen McManus, Carolyn May, Ruth Brawley, Ruth Kohn, Helen Dodds. Third Row: O.P. Littell, Nattye McNinch, Lula Faye Clegg, Daphne Ransom, S. L. Gunderson. Fourth Row: Stella Kittles, Maie Myers, N.F. Collage and Forest T. Selby.



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