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Buildings North Carolina Charlotte

Tryon Street

The 100 block of North Tryon Street at night. Physical Description: 3x5 Publisher: CT American Art

Charlotte Business District

Charlotte Business District with Realty Building on the corner and a trolley coming down the tracks. Physical Description: 3x5 Publisher: S H Kress

Tryon Street

A view of Tryon Street with its new skyscraper. Physical Description: 3x5 Publisher: United States 5-1--25 Stores, Inc.

American Trust Building

Postcard of the American Trust Building that was located on Tryon Street. The card was published by the American Trust Company as a promotion. Physical Description: 3x5 Publisher: Stone and Barringer Publishers

Charlotte Coliseum

This is Charlotte Coliseum that was built off of Independence Boulevard in 1955. This facility was one of the finest designs of its day. In 1989, the second Charlotte Coliseum opened in 1989 off of the Billy Graham Parkway. Today Coliseum #1 is used by a professional hockey team and other sporting clubs and events. Physical Description: 3x5 Publisher: Dexter Press

North Carolina Medical College

The North Carolina Medical College was chartered in 1892 at Davidson College. The upper graduates moved to Charlotte in 1903 with the opening of the Presbyterian Hospital. The entire medical college moved into this building Charlotte in 1907. Its address was 215 N. Church St., the southwest corner of Sixth and Church Streets. The school closed in 1913. Today the building has been renovated for apartments. Physical Description: 3x5 Publisher: HC Leighton Manufacturers

Selwyn Hotel (Lobby)

Interior shot of the Selwyn Hotel that was located on West Trade Street. Physical Description: 3x5 black and white Publisher: Unknown

Methodist Home

The Methodist Home is located on Shamrock Drive in East Charlotte. It first opened in June of 1948. It continues to expand and provide excellent care for its elderly residents. Physical Description: 3x5 Publisher: Dixie News Company

Anderson's Restaurant

Anderson's Restaurant was located on Elizabeth Avenue. Founded in 1946 by Jimmie Anderson, it remained a popular family-owned restaurant until it closed in 2007. Pecan pie was the specialty of the house. Cannot be duplicated. Physical Description: 3x5 Publisher: Dynacards