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Buildings North Carolina Charlotte

Carnegie Free Library & First Baptist Church

The Carnegie Free Library was completed in 1903. It was located at 310 North Tryon Street. The First Baptist Church was next door. The congregation moved to another location. Today the former church is known as Spirit Square, that houses a theater and numerous educational arts program. Physical Description: 3x5 Publisher: Unknown

Aerial view North Tryon Street

View of North Tryon Street with the City Hall on the southeast corner of Fifth Street (foreground) and the Second Presbyterian Church at 214 North Tryon. Physical Description: 3x5 Publisher: Carolina Card Company

Central Piedmont Community College

Postcard of the Richard H. Hagemeyer Learning Resource Center of Central Piedmont Community College on Elizabeth Avenue. Physical Description: 3x5 Publisher: Dexter Press

Elizabeth College

Elizabeth College operated in Charlotte from 1896 to 1915. It was located at the intersection of Hawthorne Lane and Elizabeth Avenue. Today the buildings are part of Presbyterian Hospital. Physical Description: 3x5 black and white Publisher: Rotograph Company

Carnegie Library of Charlotte

The Carnegie Library in Charlotte at 310 North Tryon Street opened in the summer of 1903. This building was demolished for a new library which was later remodeled and expanded in the late 1980s. Physical Description: 3x5 Publisher: Unknown

Uptown Charlotte

Charlotte business district Physical Description: 3x5 Publisher: CT American Art

South Tryon Street

Postcard captures a view of South Tryon Street. Physical Description: 3x5 Publisher: E. C. Kropp Company

Aerial view Tryon Street

View of Tryon Street from the dome of the courthouse looking along Charlotte's Business District. Physical Description: 3x5 Publisher: S H Kress

Charlotte skyline

A view of Charlotte's skyline with the twenty-story Liberty Life Building in the background. Foreground is Second Ward, which was renovated during an urban renewal project in the 1970s. Physical Description: 3x5 Publisher: B & H Photo Company