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Buildings North Carolina Charlotte

Park Center

The Park Center under construction on the ruins of the Old Armory Auditorium. Physical Description: 8x10 Publisher: Unknown

Parking Lot

A parking lot located in the 200 block of South Church Street, looking east toward the back of the Johnston Building in the center and the Piedmont Building on the right. Physical Description: 8x10 Publisher: Unknown

Selwyn Hotel

The Selwyn Hotel was located on West Trade Street. The Realty Building or Independence Building can be seen in the background. Trolley tracks are clearly visible.

Physical Description: 8x10 from a postcard not the best copy for duplication.

Publisher: Unknown

1909 Aerial View of Charlotte

An aerial view of eastern Charlotte from the Tompkins Tower looking toward South Tryon Street. The top of the Buford Hotel is visible at the center left. On the far right is the dome of the county courthouse. The first block of West Fifth Street is in the right foreground. Physical Description: 8x10 Publisher: Unknown

Aerial View of Charlotte

A view of northern Charlotte from the Tompkins Tower. Church Street is on the left. The courthouse is in the center and in the upper left hand corner is Fourth Ward. Physical Description: 8x10 Publisher: Unknown

Charlotte Skyline

View of Charlotte skyline with North Carolina National Bank, now the Bank of America and Wachovia Bank in the foreground.

Physical Description: 8x1035 mm. Negative

Publisher: Charlotte Mecklenburg Library

Aerial view of Charlotte

Aerial view of Charlotte features City Hall, the Realty Building, and trolleys.

Physical Description: 9 1/2 x 7 1/2 very grainy

Publisher: Unknown

Charlotte City Life (1910s)

Wonderful street life scene in uptown Charlotte along North Tryon Street. Features great detail regarding transportation, dress, and names of local businesses.

Physical Description: 8x10 and 5x7 prints2 4x5 negatives

Publisher: Charlotte Mecklenburg Library

Aerial view of Charlotte

Southern view of Charlotte taken in April 11, 1916 from Dr. James Gibbon's Office in the Independence Building. The latter was located on North Tryon Street.

Physical Description: 4x5 & 35 mm negative

Publisher: Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County

Charlotte Street Scene

View of Charlotte street scene featuring horse-drawn wagons and two women walking along the sidewalk under a parsol.

Physical Description: 35mm negative

Publisher: Charlotte Mecklenburg Library