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Charlotte Motor Speedway

The Charlotte Motor Speedway is a track on the NASCAR circuit. Located between Charlotte and Concord, North Carolina, it is the site of the Coco-Cola 600 and other popular annual races. (THIS POSTCARD IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR REPRODUCTION.)

Charlotte Fairgrounds

The Charlotte Fairgrounds as it appeared in 1909.  The Charlotte Consolidated Construction Company (the 4 C's) headed by Edward Dilworth Latta, leased a large track of land to the Mecklenburg Fair Association in 1902. The latter opened a fair in September of that year.  The fairgrounds were located on the south side of East Boulevard about where Park Road and Dilworth Road West are today.

Elizabeth College Banner

Postcard with the banner of Elizabeth College.  Founded in 1896 by the Lutheran Church, the school attracted young women from across the state. It was well-known for its music conservatory. The school closed in 1915 and moved to Roanoke Virginia. It was located at the intersection of Hawthorne Lane and Elizabeth Avenue. 

Dunhill Hotel (Former Mayfair Hotel)

The Mayfair Hotel, now known as the Dunhill Hotel, is located at the corners of North Tryon and 6th Streets. Built by two local physicians, Dr. James Pleasant Mattheson and Dr. C.N. Peeler, the hotel opened its doors as the Mayfair Manor on November 15, 1929. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the hotel was designed by Louis Asbury. The Dunhill Hotel Associates restored the Mayfair to its present grandeur in the late 1980s, and changed its name. At the time of this postcard, Leo B. Vaughn, Jr.  was the Manager.

Camp Greene Mess Hall

Two soldiers standing outside one of Camp Greene's Mess Halls. Camp Greene was an Army cantonment camp to train soldiers during World War I. This photograph was taken on November 20, 1917.