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Charlotte Postcard Collection

Louise Mill and Village

When it was completed in 1897, the Louise Mill was the largest cotton textile mill in Charlotte. Like most mills of the period, the owners also built a village for its workers and families. Hubert Smith Chadwick of Rhode Island, moved to Charlotte and formed the Charlotte Machinery Company  in 1892 and organized the establishment of the Louise Mill. (He named the mill after his wife, Blanche Louise Dodsworth whom Chadwick married in Charlotte in 1896.


Jordan's Drug Store

Jordan's Drug Store was located in the first block of North Tryon Street at the Square. Owned and operated by Robert Hall Jordan (1856-1908), a native of Chester, South Carolina, who moved to Charlotte where he opened a successful drugstore. He was also involved in banking and textiles.

Lake Wylie

Before 1960, Lake Wylie was known as Lake Catawba. Located on the Catawba River in both Gaston and Mecklenburg Counties,  the lake formed after the construction  of dam in South Carolina. Most of the 325 mile lake is in the South Carolina.


Mercy Hospital

Mercy Hospital was founded by the Sisters of Mercy of Belmont, North Carolina in February 1906. Originally it was a twenty-five bed facility in a wooden building on East First Street behind St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church. The second facility, pictured here, opened in 1916 on East Fifth Street. Additions increasedthe amount of space and by 1960, the hospital had a capacity of 300 beds 

Sloans Ferry Bridge Across Catawba River

This is the second Sloans Ferry Bridge to cross the Catawba River that connects Gaston and Mecklenburg Counties. ICompleted in 1933 and is comprised of steel and concrete caste-in-place; The bridge measures 1,124.1 feet (342.6 m) in length and 43.3 feet (13.2 m). Plaques on the bridge show that it was erected as a memorial to the men of the counties of Mecklenburg and Gaston who served in the world war (1917-1918).

Golden Eagle Motor Inn

The Golden Eagle Motel was located at  601 North Tryon St., at the corner of Tryon and 9th Streets. The back of the card contains the following inormation:

"150 attractively decorated rooms and suites, each with T.V., room controlled air-conditioning and heat, direct dial phones, wall-to-wall carpeting and tile baths. Restaurant and swimming pool.  Comfortable rooms...reasonable prices...friendly atmosphere."

Fifth Mecklenburg County Court House

The The fifth Mecklenburg County Court House is located at 700 East Trade Street. Built at a cost of one million dollars, it first opened in 1928.

A "natural finish" card made by Gray and Thompson, Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

El Rancho Motel

The El Rancho Motel was once located at 4815 Wilkinson Boulevard in Charlotte. They offered central heat and air conditioning. televisions in the room and a color television in the lobby.