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Sloans Ferry Bridge Across Catawba River

Object Year: 
Genuine Curteich-Chicago

This is the second Sloans Ferry Bridge to cross the Catawba River that connects Gaston and Mecklenburg Counties. ICompleted in 1933 and is comprised of steel and concrete caste-in-place; The bridge measures 1,124.1 feet (342.6 m) in length and 43.3 feet (13.2 m). Plaques on the bridge show that it was erected as a memorial to the men of the counties of Mecklenburg and Gaston who served in the world war (1917-1918). Originally built as a two-lane bridge with shoulders for pedestrians and temporary parking, it was widen to four-lanes in the 1950s. Plans are underway to replace the bridge in 2022.

Object Height: 
3 1/2 inches
Object Width: 
5 1/2 inches
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