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Baird's School

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Queen City Printing

Photograph of Baird School for Boys on North Poplar Street was taken in May of 1921. The boys are as follows:First Row: bottom Jack Paschal, Frank Davidson, Sam Pettus, Harry Lassister, Everett McKnight, James Turner, George Edwards, Edgar Jackson, Guy Williams, Paul Funderburk, Edward Fleming, John Myers, not identified, Leo Chaquette, Robert James, Robert Cook, Willard Richburg, Calvin Stewart, John Ross. Second Row: Major J.G. Baird, Reverend J. G. Garth, Lee Cauldle, Marvin Pressley, Bill McAfee, James Armstrong, Aubrey Gillis, Paul Hudson, John Yarbrough, Irvin Rea, Claude McIntosh, Thurman Thompson, Eugene Craft, Teacher, Robert C. Garth, Teacher.Third Row: Maurice Brown, Ole Hawkins, William Shiltz, not identified, E. B. Wash, Martin Davis, Rufus Pearson, Eugene Haley, Allen BlackFourth Row: Theron Whitsett, Glenn Mason, Robert Mason, Raymond Chaquette, Alfred Smith, Paul Snell, Thomas G. Barbour, Ben Horn, Paul Whitclock, W.P. Weeks.Fifth Row: George Snyder, Harrill Auten, E.J. Heath, Val Guthrie, Parks Dalton, Jack Hand, John L. Dabbs, Jr., John Justice, Charles Ritch.Sixth Row: Hal Davis, Dick Irwin, Hamp Brown, Warren Myers, Cornelius Summerville, Will Orr, Vernon Smith, Julian Boyd, Douglass Shiltz, Stancil Page.Seventh Row: Hutch Hamm, James Vest, Maxwell Brown, Erwin Masten, Lee Colyer, Charles Wolf, Ed (Buck) Gresham, Walter Phifer, Fred Cook, Bill Conrad, Avery Auten, Ed Fox, and Walter Scott. 
Major J.G. Baird of South Carolina purchased the building once used by the Macon School for Boys, which closed in 1890. Shortly thereafter, Major Baird purchased the school which was then located at the corner of Sixth and Poplar Streets. The Baird School for Boys later moved to the brick building on Poplar Street seen in this photograph. The school continued from 1890 until his death in 1927. The JSP over the entrance way refers to the Latin phrase Juvenes Spes Patriae, (Young men are the hope of the country.)

Physical Description: 4x5 negative

Publisher: Charlotte Mecklenburg Library

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Mrs. Marshall Pettus
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