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Chapter Information

1.  Fun Facts

◾ First Time Events 

◾ New Words 

◾ Cost of Living 

◾ Things Familiar 

◾ Things Unknown 

◾ Winter Wonders 

◾ Holiday Gifts 

Alice Haynes Kibler

Alice H. Kibler at about 7 months old. Physical Description: Publisher: Unknown

Mable Haynes & Alice Haynes

Mable Haynes Lattimer (sister) holding Alice Haynes Kibler. Alice was about 7 months old. Physical Description: Publisher: Unknown

Virginia and Evelyn Wallace Children

Virginia Wallace Keogh and Evelyn Wallace Byrd. Their parents were Floyd George and Margaret Neal Wallace. Physical Description: Publisher: Unknown

Virginia, Floyd, and Evelyn Wallace

Left to right: Virginia Wallace Keogh (1935-1995), Floyd Wallace, Jr., and Evelyn Wallace Byrd. Physical Description: 5x7 Publisher: Unknown

Bethlehem Center

The Kindergarten class of 1945 at Bethlehem Center. Located on 301 North Caldwell Street. Floyd Wallace Jr., Brenda Johnson, Laura Pitts, Carolyn Tillman, the rest are unidentified. Physical Description: 5 x 7 Publisher: Unknown

William Thomas Waterman

William T. Waterman at 9 months old. He was the son of Marion Waterman. Physical Description: Publisher: Unknown