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School Children North Carolina Charlotte

Myers Street School

An all girl 3rd grade class at Myers Street School in the 1920s. The Myers School was located in the vicinity of the Acquatic Center on Stonewall Street. Physical Description: Publisher: Unknown

Alexander Street School

A 5th grade class at Alexander Street School in the 1930s. The school was located at 916 North Alexander Street. It was demolished during the urban renewal projects of the late 1960s and early 1970s. Janie B. Wallace served as the principal at this time. Physical Description: 8x10 Publisher: Unknown

Second Ward High School (1927)

Once located at the corner of Alexander and First Streets, Second Ward High School was the first public high school for blacks in Charlotte-Mecklenburg. It opened in 1923. In the beginning, the school was a combination junior and senior high school with curriculum emphasis placed on academic and vocational courses. The school closed in 1969 and was demolished during the Second Ward Urban Renewal Project. Physical Description: Publisher: Laura Spears Malone

Bethlehem Center

A kindergarten picture at Bethlehem Center, located on Caldwell Street.The picture was made at Edward's Portrait Studio on 2207 Booker Avenue. Physical Description: Publisher: Unknown

Fairview School

7th grade class on the steps of Fairview School. Physical Description: Publisher: Unknown

Margaret Neal Wallace

Margaret Neal's, later Wallace' graduation photo. She was eighteen years old at the time and attended Second Ward High School. Physical Description: 5x7 Publisher: Unknown

Bethlehem Center

The Kindergarten class of 1945 at Bethlehem Center. Located on 301 North Caldwell Street. Floyd Wallace Jr., Brenda Johnson, Laura Pitts, Carolyn Tillman, the rest are unidentified. Physical Description: 5 x 7 Publisher: Unknown