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Hornet's Nest

Elizabeth College

Elizabeth College was an all girl's school located at the intersection of Elizabeth Avenue and Hawthorne Lane. Physical Description: 8x10 glossy Publisher: Unknown

Sunrise Service at Freedom Park

Easter Sunrise Service at Freedom Park in Charlotte, North Carolina. Physical Description: 8x10, glossy Publisher: Unknown

Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence Marker

This bronze marker is located at the Square to commemorate two significant events in Mecklenburg County's history. The inscription reads, `Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence, May 20, 1775 and the Battle of Charlotte September 16, 1780. Physical Description: 8x10 glossy4x5 negatives - 2 copies Publisher: Unknown

Third Mecklenburg County Courthouse

The Third Courthouse was located at Church and Trade Streets. Each of the tall, white columns were made from a single pine tree then stuccoed after being milled. It gave the appearance of marble. When the courthouse was torn down, no one recalled this fact, and the workers were surprised to discover perfectly preserved trees beneath the stucco. It was torn down in 1898. Physical Description: 8x10 glossy Publisher: Unknown

Charlotte University Students

Charlotte University School was located at Sixth and North Tryon Streets. This is a school portrait of the class of 1911. Featured are Professor H.W. Glasgow, George Wearn, U, ___ McCloud, Frank Dowd, Eli Todd McNinch, Pete Crayton, Joe Mason, Graham Hunter, Pelhorn Stockton, Steve Miller, Archie Wakefield, John Berryhill, Thorne Ranson, Harry Weeks, ___ Howard, Joe Crayton, Todd Misenheimer, Neil Overman, James H. Carson, H.F.

Harriet Morrison Irwin House

Harriet Morrison Irwin designed this hexagon house that dates from the 1870. She was the first woman in the United States to obtain a patent for an architectural design. Physical Description: 8x10, glossy, 4x5 negative Publisher: Unknown

General Store

Unknown general store. Physical Description: 4x5 negative Publisher: Unknown

Presbyterian Hospital

Presbyterian Hospital began as a private institution in 1898, but was later presented as a gift to local Presbyterian Churches in 1903. This is the second location of the hospital. The hospital began occupying the buildings formerly owned by Elizabeth College in 1917. It is located at the intersection of Hawthorne Lane and Elizabeth Avenue. Physical Description: 8x10 glossy Publisher: Unknown

Sugaw Creek Presbyterian Schoolhouse

This one-room school house is located on the grounds of Sugaw (Sugar) Creek Presbyterian Church. The latter is located at the corner of North Tryon and Sugar Creek Road. In 1960, the school became a church museum. Physical Description: 8x10 glossy. Publisher: Unknown

Southern Manufacturers Club

Interior shot of the Southern Manufacturing Club Lounge. This popular men's club was located on the northwest corner of Poplar and Trade Streets. Physical Description: 8x10 glossy, 4x5 negatives - 2 copies Publisher: Unknown