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Hornet's Nest

Independence Square

The Square, the intersection of Trade and Tryon Streets in the late 19th century. Physical Description: 4x5 card, 4x5 negative

Publisher: Unknown

Tryon Street (North)

View of North Tryon Street with City Hall further down the street on the right. Physical Description: 8x10 glossy Publisher: Unknown

Second Ward High School

Second Ward High School was one of Charlotte's first black high schools. Their alumni association has members from all over the country. Physical Description: 8x10 glossy Publisher: Unknown

Davidson, North Carolina

Photograph of the town of Davidson, North Carolina taken around the turn of the century. Physical Description: 4x5 glossy

Publisher: White-Jetton Company, Druggists

Pitts House

The Pitts House is located in Mecklenburg County, but information regarding the house is scarce. Physical Description: 8x10 glossy Publisher: Unknown

Dennis Apartments

H.D. Dennis Apartments at Hopedale and Granville Roads. Physical Description: 7 x 9 glossy Publisher: Unknown

Mayor & Board of Alderman

Mayor Thomas L. Kirkpatrick (1877-1946) and the Charlotte Board of Alderman posed for this picture on January 11, 1916. Kirkpatrick is in the center.  Kirkpatrick served as Charlotte’s mayor from 1915-1917. Also in the photograph is town attorney, Herriot Clarkson (1863-1942) who later served on the North Carolina Supreme Court. The city clerk is  Arthur H. Wearn. (1872-1956).

Physical Description: 8x10 glossy Publisher: Unknown

Photographer John Moon.

Charlotte City Hall

Charlotte City Hall in 1891 was located at the corner of North Tryon and Fifth Streets. Physical Description: 8x10 glossy Publisher: Unknown

The Cathedral of St. Patrick

Located on Dilworth Road, The John Henry Phelan family of Beaumont, Texas donated the funds to build the Saint Patrick in loving memory of his parents, Patrick and Margaret Adele Phelan.  Frank Frimmer, an Austrian native known for remodeling famous Old World churches, designed and supervised construction of the church, with its gray stucco face, 400-seat nave, balcony and 77-foot tall tower. The ground breaking took place on March 17, 1939.