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Fun Facts

Winter Wonders

In February of 1902, it snows 17.4 inches. This is the deepest snow ever recorded in Charlotte. General Electric begins marketing strings of electric Christmas Lights in 1903.

Inventions After 1900

Listed below are  things that were not invented until after 1910.

Air Bags in cars were invented by German Walter Linderer and American John Hedrik, who both applied for patents as early as 1951. However, it was not until the mid-seventies that automobiles were equipped with airbags. 

Ball Point Pen was invented Hungarian, Laszlo Biro in 1938.

Band Aids were invented by Thomas Anderson and Johnson & Johnson employee,  and Earle Dickson in 1920.

Things Familiar

Believe it or not, everything has a history, including chewing gum! Listed below are some things you might recognize.  Beside each item, is the name of the person or persons associated with introducing or inventing the product, and the year it became popularly known.  

French Fries  by President Thomas Jefferson - 1700s

Modern Bicycle  by John Kemp Starley - 1871

Graham Crackers are associated with the dietary recommendations of the Reverend Sylvestor Graham - 1750 

Cost of Living

 Click to see the  difference in prices of various items from 1903 compared to the cost of the same items in 2017.  


New Words

These words are added to the Oxford Dictionary prior to 1910:


Club Sandwich

Gamma Ray Orthodontist

Peanut Butter