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Things Familiar

Believe it or not, everything has a history, including chewing gum! Listed below are some things you might recognize.  Beside each item, is the name of the person or persons associated with introducing or inventing the product, and the year it became popularly known.  

French Fries  by President Thomas Jefferson - 1700s

Modern Bicycle  by John Kemp Starley - 1871

Graham Crackers are associated with the dietary recommendations of the Reverend Sylvestor Graham - 1750 

Lawn mowers by Edwin Budding - 1830

Chewing gum by Thomas Adams - 1848

Sewing Machines by Elias Howe - 1851

Elevators by Elisha Graves Otis - 1857

Dynamite by Alfred Nobel - 1867

Cracker Jacks by F.W. & Louis Rueckheim - 1893

Mail Order Catalogs by Aaron Montgomery Ward - 1872

Ketchup  by James Mease - 1812

Telephones  by Alexander Graham Bell - 1876

Toilet Paper  by Joseph Gayetty  - 1857

Coca Cola  by by John Pemberton - 1886  

Basketball by James Naismith - 1891 

Fig Newtons  by F. A. Kennedy Steam Bakery - 1891

Zipper  by Whitcomb Judson - 1893 

Flashlights  by  David Misell   - 1899

Rubber soled shoes (sneakers)  by Elijah McCoy  - late 1892

Crayola Crayons in only blue, brown, black, green, orange, red and yellow  were invented by Edwin Binney and C. Harold Smith - 1903 

Pepsi Cola by Caleb Bradham - 1903

Teddy Bears by Richard Stieff - 1902

Pizza  in 997 AD

Popsicle by 11 year old Frank Epperson- 1905    

Cornflakes by William Kellog - 1906 

Model “T” Automobile by Henry Ford  - 1908


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