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Charlotte's Legacy: The Changing Faces of a City

The web exhibit, “Charlotte’s Legacy: The Changing Faces of a City,” went online in 1999, as part of the Library’s focus on the theme of “Legacy” on the eve of a new millennium. Here is the original description:

Much can happen in one hundred years. Technology changes, cities change, and people change. And throughout these years of change and growth, there are threads of uniqueness and constancy that remain - threads of legacy that are woven into the fabric of a city and a society. These strong threads of legacy are what we have sought to present in this exhibit. What is Charlotte's legacy? This is the question that the Library staff and the curators of this exhibit faced as we began our Celebration of Legacy in 1999. Many common themes came to mind immediately: textiles, tree-lined neighborhoods, Charlotte's own gold rush, banking and much more. But we decided to go deeper, to look at aspects of Charlotte's past one hundred years which linger today and bring a special sense of history, growth and pride--aspects which blend the desire for change and growth while honoring the city's past.

Movies, Movies, Movies!

Bishop Grace's Annual Visit

Latta Park

“Clang, Clang, Clang!” Went Charlotte's Trolley

Saving Grace

"Let There Be Light"

"The Charlotte Observer"

Charlotte Speedway

Downtown - Uptown

I Love a Parade!

Strong in the Spirit

Guess Where This Is Now?

So Others Might Be Free

TV Comes To Charlotte

Highland Mill #3

A Night at the Opera

The Power of a Cracker

The Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County

Up In Arms

A Legacy of Healing


Henry Bridges' Legacy

Bonnie Cone’s Legacy

The New City


Charlotte's Legacy Contributors

This exhibit appears as part of the Library’s Celebration of Legacy. The Library appreciates the support of the following individuals, businesses and organizations who contributed their talents to this exhibit:


APS, Inc.

Betsy Ann’s Mobile Framing

Duke Energy

Stuart Grasberg

KPC Photography

Latin American Coalition

Mary Tribble Creations

Quality Chrome

Robinson-Spangler Carolina Room

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Curators: Tony Tallent & Shelia Bumgarner