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Latta Park

Lake at Latta Park

Charlotte is fortunate to have so many neighborhood parks. In 1891, the 4C's, under the leadership of Edward Dilworth Latta, constructed a 90 acre amusement park amidst beautiful landscaped grounds. Charlotteans strolled the shady paths that led them around Lake Forsythe and admired the flowers, lily ponds, and flowing springs. Thursday evenings or "Cupid's Reception," as it was called, were reserved for couples who were courting. Concerts, tennis matches and boating were common activities. In 1892, a baseball field was completed. Both whites and blacks enjoyed the use of the field. A bicycle track and a greenhouse opened in 1897, and the next year brought a concert hall as well as a pavilion to the park. The lake, the theater, and pavilion did not last, but residents continue to enjoy the natural beauty of Latta Park.

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