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Cotton to market

Mule driven wagon transporting cotton to market. Physical Description: 4x5 negative Publisher: Unknown

Cotton Mill Workers

Cotton mill workers from the Atherton Mill. Physical Description: 4x5 negative Publisher: Unknown

Field Workers

Field workers picking cotton. Physical Description: 4x5 negative Publisher: Unknown

Myers Park Landscaping

Man using mule to plant shrubbery beside home in Myers Park. Physical Description: 5x3 Publisher: Unknown

Home Made Rail Grinder

Home Made Rail Grinder being used in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Physical Description: Negative only


Mayor F. Marion Redd and Leonidas Caudle

Mayor F. Marion Redd and law partner, Leonidas L. Caudle, in their law office in the Law Building that once stood on South Tryon Street.

Physical Description: Negative Only


Charlotte News Sports Reporters

Great shot of the Sports News Room at the Charlotte Observer. The photograph below captures the legendary sports staff of the 1940s and 1950s, from left-to-right: Herman Helms, Sam Miller, Dick Pierce, Wilton Garrison and Richard Morris. Physical Description: 8x10 Black and White 4x5 Negative Publisher:

Elizabeth College Staff Member

Young nurse posing with a hot water bottle. Caption reads, Ready for Business. Elizabeth College was located on Hawthorne Road. It opened in 1896. This popular school for girls remained in Charlotte until 1915.

Physical Description: Original in scrapbook