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J. T. Williams and the Williams House


J. T. Williams (1859 - 1924) was a teacher, a physician and a diplomat as well as a highly respected businessman. He was president of the Queen City Drug Store Company, one of the first black owned and operated drug stores in North Carolina. In 1898, he was appointed consul to Sierra Leone.


Right: The Williams home at 205 South Brevard Street.

W. C. Smith


W. C. Smith (1854 - 1937), founder, publisher and editor of Charlotte's first black secular newspaper, the Charlotte Messenger.



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Four Gospel Singers

Four Gospel Singers. For more information, write to 344 Cherry St, Charlotte, North Carolina. Physical Description: Publisher: Virginia E. Keogh

Southland Jubilee Singers

Southland Jubilee Singers was the early name of the group later known as the 4 Knights. The latter signed with Capitol Records and was a popular gosepl group.  Left to right: Eugene Alford, John Wallace-guitar, Floyd Wallace, Sr.-lead singer, Oscar Broadway, William Hall. Physical Description: Publisher: Unknown

Celia Richardson

Celia Richardson, wife of Samuel. She was a seamstress and designer of gorgeous gowns. Physical Description: 5x7 Publisher: Unknown

Oscar Jackson (1877-1961)

Tribute to Mr. Oscar Jackson from John M. Scott (1866-1945), chairman of the Board for Wachovia. Physical Description: Publisher: Unknown