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College Apartments

College After Presbyterian College changed its name to Queens College and moved to a new facility in Myers Park, the building on North Street was converted into the College Apartments.

Physical Description: 8 x 10 black and white


Dr. Isaac Wilson

Dr. Issac Wilson (1803-) and his third wife Susan McLean Wilson. They lived near the small crossroads of Martindale in Lemley Township. Physical Description: negatives only Publisher:

Long and Barringer Family Portrait

Helen C. Long, Annie Long Smith, Brandon Barringer, Margaret Long Barringer and Lily Webb Long. The photograph was taken on March 22, 1906.
Photographer information: The Electric Studio was operated by William Morse (1868-1932) and his then partner, W. Carson Davis.

Physical Description: 3x5 evidence of too much silver nitrate


Violet G. Alexander

Illustration of Violet G. Alexander, daughter of Joseph Alexander.  She married Dr. Moses Winslow Alexander, who was the son of J. McKnitt Alexander. Violet Alexander died in 1868 and is buried a the Hopewell Presbyterian Church.  The illustration was appears to have been done in mid-1850s.
The illustration is from General Joseph Graham and his Papers on North Carolina Revolutionary History (1904). Physical Description: Copy of an original 1850 portrait. Publisher:

Charlotte Symphony Orchestra

The Charlotte Symphony played its first concert March 20, 1931. Today it is a fine professional symprony orchestra, probably the oldest symphony orchestra in the South in continuous operation.

Physical Description: 8 x 10 inches, black and white, glossy


Elizabeth College (Buildings and Grounds)

Four scenes of Elizabeth College, a private womans school at the intersection of Elizabeth and Hawthorne. They include the Main Building, which is now the Presbyterian Hospital: the Gerrard Conservatory of Music, the Main Gate and a view of the campus. Physical Description: 3 x 5 postcard Publisher: Stone and Barringer

Literary and Library Association

Organized in 1891, the Charlotte Literary and Library Association was a subscription library located at 22 South Tryon Street in rooms above the Stone and Barringer Bookstore. Bessie Lacey Dewey, the hostess for the association, can be seen in the right bottom corner. The society continued until her death in 1900. Three years later, the Charlotte Public Library opened its doors at 310 North Tryon Street on July 2, 1903.

Physical Description: 5 x 7.5 inches, albumen