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Historic Houses North Carolina Charlotte

Rudisell House

The home of Michael and Sarah Rudisell House was located at 208 North College Street. It was built in 1851 by Jonas Rudisill and later occupied by the Ross family. Physical Description: 8x10 glossy4x5 negative Publisher: Unknown

Horse & Buggy in front of Parker House

Thomas B. Hoover is shown driving one of the horse and buggies from his livery stable.

Behind him is the Parker House, which is on the National Register of Historic Places. It was built in 1904, shortly before this photograph was taken, and became 901 Central Avenue once the road was named and the houses numbered.  The owner of the house, Charles Parker, operated the Parker Gardner Music Store in Charlotte for a number of years.

Physical Description: 8x104x5 negative Publisher: Unknown

Enderly House (Sydenham B. Alexander Home)

Enderly House was the home of Sydenham B. Alexander. It was later donated to Camp Greene.

Physical Description: 4 3/4 by 3 1/2 mounted print 35 mm negative


John B. Ross House

The John B. Ross House is a wonderful example of Italian Revival architecture.  at Once located at 502 North College Street, the home was built it between 1894 and 1896.  John B. Ross (1852-1933) was the president of the John B. Ross Company and vice-president of the First National Bank.

Physical Description: 8 x 10 Original print


John S. Blake Residence

The home of John S. and Evelyn Burne Blake at 704 North College Street. He operated Blake's Drugstore on the Square. The family is on the front porch. Physical Description: Negative only Publisher:

Osborne Oak

The Osborne Oak was located at West Trade and Graham Street. It was more than a 100 years old when this photograph was taken in 1906. The home belonged to Dr. Sam Hayes who married an Osborne. A horse drawn cart is in front.

Physical Description: Original 3 x 3


James K. Polk Homesite in Pineville

The birthplace of America's Eleventh President, James Knox Polk is located in Pineville, North Carolina. The cabin has since been restored. Polk was an 1818 UNC Chapel Hill graduate. He became President of the United States on March 4, 1845.

Physical Description: postcard packet

Publisher: Dexter Press


Anna Morrison Jackson's House

Anna Morrison Jackson made her home in Charlotte off and on following the death of hersband, General Stonewall Jackson. This was the first home she lived in, and it was located on Trade Street.

Physical Description: 3x5 postcard, black and white

Publisher: Unknown