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early years


Based on correspondence between herself and her father, Annie's home town of Charlotte, NC, was never a consideration as a place to start a practice. In the summer of 1884, she wrote the following to Dr. J. B. Alexander: “I can’t decide where to locate when I leave Philadelphia. I’ve thought of Baltimore, Atlanta, and Jacksonville, but there will be obstacles wherever I locate. My success will depend on my ability and the liberal views of the people among whom I will be.”


This photograph was taken around the time of her graduation in 1884. Annie Alexander. A surviving invitation indicates she must have invited relatives and friends to her graduation in Philadelphia.   The Charlotte Home and Democrat  informed its readers of her achievement.


In 1882, Annie Alexander, age seventeen, entered the Woman’s Medical College in Philadelphia. The Woman’s Hospital Dispensary for Women and Children was located next door to the Medical College. This provided many opportunities for the students to obtain clinical and practical experience. This training was essential if women physicians were to make any achievements in medicine.


Annie Lowrie Alexander was born on January 10, 1864 near the town of Cornelius in northern Mecklenburg County. Her parents were Dr. John Brevard Alexander and Annie Wall Lowrie Alexander. On her father's side, Annie’s ancestors were some of the county’s most illustrious leaders during the American Revolution.