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With the establishment of an organized medical society, Mecklenburg County physicians adopted standardized two-fee lists. One was for Charlotte and the incorporated towns and the other was for “regular county practice.”

County Practice Fees (1903)

  • A home visit was $1.50 and additional fifty cents for every three miles the physician traveled.
  • Obstetrical Cases were $7.00. 
  • After 10:00 p.m. the fees doubled.

Dr. John Taylor ("J. T.") Williams (1859-1924)

Dr. John Taylor Williams (1859-1924) was a prominent figure in the history of African-Americans in Charlotte. Not only was he one of the first three black doctors licensed in North Carolina, Williams also served an educator and a businessman. 

Dr. Annie Alexander

Dr. Annie Lowrie Alexander (1864-1929) was the first woman to practice medicine in North Carolina. Physical Description: 31/2 x 5 Publisher: Unknown

Dr. Annie Alexander

Dr. Annie Alexander (1864-1929) of Mecklenburg County was the first female physician in North Carolina. She lived at 410 North Tryon Street. Physical Description: 5x7 glossy Publisher:

Dr. Annie Alexander in costume.

Dr. Annie Lowrie Alexander (1864-1929) in a costume for a Colonial Dames Tea in 1899. Physical Description: Publisher: Unknown

Dr. James McKamie Wilson

Dr. John McKamie Wilson was born on July 11, 1834.

Physical Description: 35 mm Negative


Dr. Issac Wilson and wife

Dr. Issac Wilson (1802-1880) and his third wife, Elizabeth Alexander Wilson.

Physical Description: 35 mm Negative

Publisher: Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County

Dr. Isaac Wilson

Dr. Issac Wilson (1803-) and his third wife Susan McLean Wilson. They lived near the small crossroads of Martindale in Lemley Township. Physical Description: negatives only Publisher: