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City and Town Life

William Washington Browne (1849–1897)

William Washingon Browne, from `Negro Stars in All Ages of the World` by W. H. Quick, L. L. B. Browne was a champion of empancipation and joined the Union Army in 1862 when the Army seized Memphis, Tennessee.  Browne was an outspoken critic of the Ku Klux Klan, and avid Temperance activist and was a Methodist minister of the Leigh Street Methodist Episcopal Church in Richmond, Virginia. The only possible Charlotte connection may have been with the Temperance organization the United Order of True Reformers. Physical Description: Publisher: Unknown

Floyd and Margaret Wallace, Sr

Floyd and Margaret Wallace, Sr. and Floyd Wallace, Jr., 1941, at home on Long Street. Physical Description: Publisher: Unknown

Floyd G. Wallace (1916-1992)

Corporal Floyd G. Wallace, Sr. He was a Drill Instructor in World War II. Physical Description: Publisher: Unknown

Virginia and Evelyn Wallace Children

Virginia Wallace Keogh and Evelyn Wallace Byrd. Their parents were Floyd George and Margaret Neal Wallace. Physical Description: Publisher: Unknown

Reverend William R. Douglas (1858 - 1914)

The Reverend William R. Douglas, served as pastor of the Little Rock AME Zion Church and oversaw the construction of the church on Seventh Street that once served as the African American Cultural Center. He and his family moved to Knoxville, Tennessee sometime after 1912 where he died three years later on June 4, 1914. Physical Description: Publisher: Unknown

Reverend Sidney David Watkins (1862-1952)

The Right Reverend Sidney David Watkins was pastor of Little Rock AME Zion Church from 1900 to 1906. He was also the Presiding Elder for the Charlotte District (1906-1922) and the Manager of the AME Zion Publishing House for 2 terms. Physical Description: Publisher: Unknown

Arthur E. Spears (1885-1981)

Arthure E. Spears was Manager of the Charlotte District Mutual Life Insurance Company. Physical Description: Publisher: Unknown

Brevard Henry Haynes

Brevard Henry Haynes on the right with an unidentified woman. Physical Description: Publisher: Unknown

Malone Wedding

The wedding of Laura Spears and William Malone. Physical Description: 8x10 Enlarged version is framed for exhibit. Publisher: Unknown