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Celebrating the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence: Celebration Timeline

1908 - Lively Celebration in Dilworth


The Charlotte News, 5/22/1908, p. 4:


Firemen’s Drill Will be Repeated This Evening at 10 O’Clock—The Midway is Unusually Good and Attractive—Some of the Shows.

With clear weather tonight the celebration at Latta Park will surpass that of any other night this week. Rain and damp weather during the first few days cast a damper on the crowd and disappointed the managers, but the crowd in attendance last night was more encouraging and everybody seemed to enjoy themselves to the fullest extent.

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1906 - The Mecklenburg Declaration

Charlotte Daily Observer , 5/20/1906, Section 3, p. 4

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1906 - Officially Recognized

Charlotte Daily Observer 5/20/1906, Sec. 3, p. 4

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1907 - Fire Works Tonight

The Charlotte News 5/23/1907, p. 5


The Carnival Continues to be Visited by a Large Crowd.

The most interesting feature of the carnival tonight will be a fire-works display beginning at the conclusion of the free act performances at 9 o’clock.  Those who attended the carnival Tuesday night when the first fire-works display was held were very much pleased at the splendid exhibition and doubtless many of them will avail themselves of another opportunity.

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1907- Baltimore Sun Critic on Mecklenburg Declaration

The Charlotte News, 5/22/1907, p. 7:

Baltimore Sun Critic on Mecklenburg Declaration

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1907 - A Beautiful Day for the Twentieth

The Charlotte News, 5/20/1907, p. 5:


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1990 - Proclamation


In 1990, the Board of County Commissioners issued a proclamation of May as "Mecklenburg History Month."

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May 7, 1990

2010- "The Spirit of Mecklenburg" Statue Unveiled

The May 20th Society invites you to join us for the 235th Celebration of the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence, featuring the unveiling of “The Spirit of Mecklenburg” Statue by national artist, Chas Fagan.  


  Thursday, May 20, 2010 11:30 a.m.  

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1995- Editor urges importance of Meck Deck Day

The following is an opinion piece published in support of the continued celebration of the Mecklenburg Declaration of Independence day.


The Charlotte Observer 5/20/1995 p. 14 A


Meck Dec Day

There is value still in remembering the fervor for independence and nationhood that seized Mecklenburg in 1775.  


By Tom Bradbury Associate Editor  


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