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Black and White

Cordelia Russell Stiles


Cordelia Russell Stiles was born into a Mecklenburg County farming family and attended Myers Street School, Barber Scotia College, Columbia University and New York University. An educator in various schools for twenty-five years, she served as supervisor of elementary education for Charlotte City black schools. From: The Sam Kirkpatrick Family, PLCMC.

The Hotel Alexander


The Hotel Alexander on McDowell Street was the only hotel serving blacks in Charlotte during the 1940s. Visiting celebrities stayed there and it served as a center for the social life of the community.



J. T. Williams and the Williams House


J. T. Williams (1859 - 1924) was a teacher, a physician and a diplomat as well as a highly respected businessman. He was president of the Queen City Drug Store Company, one of the first black owned and operated drug stores in North Carolina. In 1898, he was appointed consul to Sierra Leone.


Right: The Williams home at 205 South Brevard Street.