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Thaddeus Lincoln Tate (1865-1951)

Verdie Perille

Artist's sketch of Thad L. Tate who was one of Charlotte's earliest and most prominent African American businessmen. He came to Charlotte as a barber. In 1882, he opened his own shop, an enterprise that he would operate for 61 years.
In addition to a his own business Tate was prominent in banking in Charlotte. He served as director of the Mechanics' Perpetual Building and Loan Company. He founded the Mecklenburg Investment Company.
Thad Tate's civic contributions to Charlotte were many. He may best be remembered as one of the founders of Grace A.M.E. Zion Church in Charlotte. He helped to found the Brevard Street Library which later became a part the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Library System. He was a founder of a branch of the YMCA for black members. Physical Description: Publisher: Unknown

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