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Tate Family

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Verdie Perille

From left to right: Thad Tate, Sr., Maggie Tate Trent (1887-1934), Thaddeus Tate, Jr. (1893-), Estelle Tate Tyson (1891-1938), Dewitt Talmadge Tate (1896-1935), Cora Tate Booton (1892-1979), William Tate (1901-), Mildred Tate Pettis (1898-1983), Edward S. Tate (1903-1969), Aurelia (Midge) Tate Henderson (1900-1997), Don Guion Tate (1908-1982) attending the funeral of their mother Mary L. Butler Tate in July of 1928.

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Laura M. Booton
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African American
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Black and White