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Plum Thickets & Field DaisiesPart IV
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WE INHERITED an insatiable love of books from both of our parents. Books of all kinds, poetry, law, travel, history, religion, music and fiction, were in our home. In fact, these books lined the walls of the small room and once filled a big closet. We were always encouraged to read and inquire.
Today when so many children show disinterest in homework, I often think of my mother’s dining room table where we gathered at night to study. If one was not interested upon sitting down, he remained there until interest was born and the lesson was completed.
I always remember Mother’s diligence in preparing her teaching lessons for the next day. She was an excellent mathematician and loved geography. Though she never had the funds with which to travel the world, she traveled through the pages of Maury’s Geography, studying legends of maps, latitudes, longitudes, products and topography of the earth. She tried to instill in us pride in family, not a selfish, bigoted spirit, but a pride that would make one want to do well and to be of service to others.

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